"A bola que lancei quando brincava no parque
ainda não tocou o chão".

Dylan Thomas, em "Se Brilhassem os Faróis"

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    teoria da paisagem

    [Um diálogo e uma paisagem. Um breve discurso sobre a possibilidade da contemplação, a política do olhar e autoridade.] de Roberto Bellini

    Uma estranha combinação de imagens lindas e um diálogo revelador. Inspirado.


    baibaba bimba

    "It seems like a fairly common dream. I have it often enough, anyway: dreams where I’m not exactly flying, but where I feel light, where each of my steps takes me two or three metres further than usual, like walking on the moon. We lived this dream on earth, in a faraway country, for a few minutes, thanks to two musicians
    It wasn’t as simple as dreaming. We were in Ebuisu, a bleak neighbourhood of Tokyo, under wind and rain. We were supposed to meet the Tenniscoats in a museum where they were participating in an art installation. We waited for them for a long time; while waiting, we tried to explore the neighbourhood. There was nothing interesting waiting for us there, tall grey buildings, a railroad underneath a green footbridge, and streets empty of people.
    Saya had a magnificent smile, an easygoing attitude, and took charge. When we got to the bridge, she started to sing, leaving us with no choice but to follow. Baibaba Bimba is the simplest of songs, a persistent and repeated verse, sung by a calm voice, strong without being overwhelming, echoing the same three or four words unceasingly."


    super 8

    Jon Bocksel’s ten-minute long video “Children of Clay”:::: via Weloveyouso:::: " perfect capturing of a set of skaters, a certain mood and a specific geography (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the highways and bi-ways of the Smokey Mountains)". Cara, esse filme é lindo!



    clip da banda Periscope - Fourth Song. Por Inspektor Krase


    Eu adoro stop motion. Para mim, mecânica do movimento. Este é um trabalho de Tilles Singer

    robot gigante 2

    Nostalgia pura: Robot Gigante, a série.
    Monsters from the Id 怪獣大悪脳 - “So bad, it’s good.”

    robot gigante 1

    gouache de John Pham. [http://www.gr2.net/] via weloveyouso

    Long-lost astronauts, homicidal bloggers, baseball legends and wayward skaters all find a home in John Pham’s captivating comic series Sublife (published by the always on-point Fantagraphics Books). With only two issues on the street, Sublife has already established an achingly familiar universe in all of its disparate ongoing narratives. Deftly juggling the melancholy of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve with some Cormac McCarthy-inspired apocalyptic action and plenty of skillfully subdued deadpan humor, Pham proves himself a master of multifarious emotions and artist stylings.
    Giant Robot 2 is hosting a solo show of Pham’s gorgeously vibrant gouache paintings this weekend, entitled Living Space. Go check it out, and do yourself the favor of picking up a copy of Sublife.